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Please read comment where RoseLi herself replies..thank you

Well it seems like someone who had a problem in a store and was removed is now trying to backlash against designers who are in that store..though if she had any guts she wouldn’t hide behind an unnamed blog..if she was stand up and not only out to cause problems..she would back herself by not hiding behind the unknown..

If you check out my stores you will see that, yes, I do sell two element packs of Butterflies made from Rose Li actions..and yes..I do have full permission to do so..and proof of that permission and I will be contacting RoseLi once I blog this personally about this matter.


I don’t usually authorize packs done with my actions.
But this what you made with the butterflies were beautiful and will I
authorize ok?
I hope you have success in their sales.


Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2008 2:04 PM
Subject: Butterfly Script TOU Question

> Good morning,
> I am writing about the butterfly script that I purchased. I make scrap
> kits and also commercial use items and sell on my blog and at a store. I
> am wondering though about my use and if it meets your TOU and not wanting
> to have any problems wanted to see if this was appropriate. The files are
> PNG not pspimage or *csh. which I believe it states is the only way it
> could not be sold is if those two formats.
> I am going to enclose how I did it and if it goes against your TOU just
> let me know or if it is ok.
> I will credit you in my TOU with a link to your site and stores.
> If this is against what you want done with it I understand completely,
> thats why I’m checking.
> Thank you for your time,
> Christy


Heavenly Scraps 25% Off Sale Through Monday

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Ad is linked to the main of the store

Thanks for dropping by

All Tagger Kits, CU items and Select Full Size Kits $2.00 0r Less

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Stop by now. Prices effective now through tomorrow night at midnight EST.

Some of these kits will never be priced so low again. Even the Popular Don’t Tread on Me, Love It Is A Rose and Holiday kits are all priced down! Thanks for looking. Have a great day 🙂

*NEW* Christmas Magic Tagger Kit

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Creative Team Call

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I am looking for a few people to join my Creative Team.
You will receive only the kits you WANT to work with. You are never forced to work with something that doesn’t stir your Creative Flow 🙂
Incentives for CT members include, occassional CU items, Coupons to stores and coupons for your favorite PTU Tube Site such as My PSP tubes.
Looking for Tutorial Writes and limited Layout Designers. Contact me for details at
I will send you information and we can go from there.
I will only be adding a few designers to my CT and will take all applicants on the basis of how you apply and the information I receive from you.

Things Have Just been So Busy

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It has been a crazy week for me. Having been accepted at 3 new stores and trying to get everything set up has been very time consuming. Along with updating my kits and previews. I was fortunate enough to get accepted at

 Mischiff Designz   

Heavenly Taggerz

And coming soon to Scrappin Freestyle!  Should begin setting up tomorrow 😉

Don’t forget you can alaso find my items at


Stop by any one of these great stores. My items are almost always on sale 🙂

WOW Are Updates In Order Or What..New Kit Previews

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Hi did not realize I haven’t updated my new kits lately..I’ve been working like crazy and have done so many that are in stores but haven’t gotten them on the blog. For the night I’m only going to do a brief preview of each then tomorrow I will set each kit up separately with dl info to buy direct from me 🙂 ALL KITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN STORES AND ON SALE 🙂

Some kits include wonderful graphics by jrett

Love It Is A Rose

Love It Is A Rose


Haunted Halloween

Haunted Halloween

A Glowing Halloween

A Glowing Halloween